Johan Horst

LL.M. (Georgetown)

Research fellow

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Lex financiaria


Since September 2015 Research Fellow in the project Transnational Force of Law, leading researcher of the subproject Lex Financiaria. Before, Research Fellow at the Collaborative Research Center (SFB) 597 Transformation of the State, Universität Bremen. Johan Horst was awarded a PHD in law for his dissertation on transnational financial markets law (Transnationale Rechtserzeugung. Elemente einer normativen Theorie der Lex Financiaria; supervisors Andreas Fischer-Lescano, Gunther Teubner, summa cum laude).

Studies of law as well as philosophy and history in Freiburg, Berlin, Paris, and at Georgetown University, Washington DC. Legal Clerkship (Rechtsreferendariat) at the KG Berlin (Court of Appeals of the State of Berlin), the Federal Foreign Office, United Nations Desk (Referat VN 04), and Hengeler Mueller.

Research Interests: International and transnational law, international economic law, transnational financial markets law, transnational investment law, international trade law, and environmental law, law and development.

Legal theory, the principles and philosophical/sociological foundations of transnational normative orders, critical legal studies, postcolonial studies, critical systems theory, law and heterodox economics.

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Projektbezogene Publikationen

Book chapter

2013 Politiken der Entparadoxierung. Versuch einer Bestimmung des Politischen in der funktional ausdifferenzierten Weltgesellschaft
in: Fischer-Lescano/Amstutz (eds.): Kritische Systemtheorie. Bielefeld: Transcript, pp. 193-217.

Book chapter

2016 On the critical potential of law – and its limits: Double Fragmentation of Law in Chevron vs. Ecuador.
in: Blome/ Franzki/Fischer-Lescano/Markard/Oeter (eds.): Contested Regime Collisions: Norm Fragmentation in World Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Book chapter

2016 Gerechtigkeit im Kontext: Positives Recht.
in: Goppel/Mieth/Neuhäuser (eds.): Handbuch Gerechtigkeit. Stuttgart: J.B. Metzler (forthcoming).

Book review

2011 Christoph Menke, Recht und Gewalt, August Verlag, 2011
Kritische Justiz 44, pp. 477ff.


2017 Distribution and the Law of Financial Markets
on: Transregional Academies